J.U.S. Property Management

Make Your Visions a Reality

We are a full service property maintenance company that provides all of a homeowner’s and a commercial customer’s needs with our services all under one roof. We try to help the customer eliminate the headache of calling multiple companies for different services when we offer everything they need here with one company.

Our Services

Underground Services

With careful planning and execution, we can replace and repair various underground utilities such as plumbing, gas, and water pipes, not to mention excavation jobs. We can also run underground cables for cable, telephone services, and 5G internet.

Aerial Services

At JUS Property Management, we can run aerial fiber communications to give people cable, telephone, and 5G internet. We deal with fiber Cat5, Cat6, and other services as needed.


Landscaping is a very important process in any structural project. We ensure that, after the renovation on your project, it will look much better than before. From shrubs and grass to trees and bushes, we’ve go you covered.

Dirt Work

All construction projects must start somewhere- a solid foundation principally starts with the transporting, dumping, and smoothening of dirt. When it comes to dirt work, we spare no time and make sure your construction rests on steady, solid ground.


Construction is the fundamental basis of all architectural projects, whether it be sheds or houses. As such construction is the home stretch of any project you may need completed, and at JUS, we’re able to help with all of your construction needs.


"I am very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship and the integrity of Mr. Jennings and his crew in completing the job and cleaning up his worksite. I highly recommend J.U.S. for all your project needs."
Barry O'Neal